Food Industry Pest Control

Pest control work in the higher end of the food industry where production and packing of food is carried out on a large scale for re-sale to the public is very exacting and important work.


We understand that processing sites such as this are very controlled environments and how a technician behaves when he gets on site is of key importance, especially following dress code requirements and hygiene practices.  The work carried out in and around the factory must be recorded with meticulous precision as most food premises are audited regularly by the supermarkets, the British Retail consortium or SALSA.

The requirements for these audits are usually numbered bait points that are fixed to the wall, a numbered and colour co-ordinated bait plan that is computer generated, a numbered cross reference sheet that is completed each time with what is recorded at each bait point. Also required is fly killer catch tray analysis that should be provided in both numerical number of species and in chart form as well as in graphs.

After a visit a detailed treatment report sheet is required to be filled out and left in the file on site.  Also crucial to a food industry customer is the provision of data sheets for products used, risk assessments and method statements, technicians qualifications and insurance and the companies trade association membership.