Biscuit Beetles

These can often be confused with woodworm beetles and can turn up in various places throughout the home and in other properties.

It is largely a pest of stored products.

Dermestes beetles

These can include the larder beetle, the museum beetle or carpet beetle. These beetles all have larvae which like to feed on proteinous material, more often than not from a dead mouse or a pigeon’s nest left in the eaves. The adults of some of these beetles can fly well and may enter houses through open windows, etc.

The best way to control such an infestation of Dermestes beetle is to find their source of feed and remove this, also apply an insecticide treatment to the area. Sometimes problems can be encountered when using natural lamb’s wool for insulation.

Flour beetles

There are many different types of flour beetle which aren’t come across too often. As their name suggests you can come across them in flour mills, animal feed warehouses, bakeries, etc. Most flour beetles are approximately 3mm long and a brown colour.

Mealworm beetles

These are broad, oval shiny black looking beetles, normally associated with animal housing or problems arising from having pigeons in an area. They can also infest products, especially cereals and oil seeds, etc.

Grain beetles

These are narrow, flattened looking insects, often dark or reddish brown in colour. As their name suggests, they frequent cereal products, dried fruit, nuts and rice, etc.

If you think you have a problem with an insect, please collect a sample for us to inspect.

Spider beetles

These are usually found in association with birds’ nests or bakeries, etc. They happily feed on grain, fish meal, dog biscuits, dried fruit, etc.