Always take a sample of the insect involved. We can identify it for you free of charge.

There are many different varieties of flies that can both accidentally invade premises or can be infesting a premises through a variety of conditions that may occur.

Fly infestations can spread disease, contaminate food and distress people working or living in the environment in which they occur.

To treat problems effectively, the flies must first be identified and the source of the problem located. Sometimes, a problem can be controlled purely by removing their breeding or feeding source, however on some occasions, this may not be possible so we can treat the area using the appropriate insecticide for the environment in which we are working, using our specialist equipment.

We carry out fly control work in many differing environments ranging from small scale treatments for cluster flies to large areas, such as landfill sites, experiencing problems with house flies.

Once an infestation has been treated, prevention measures such as fly screens and fly killer units, as detailed in separate sections of this website, provide the most effective solution.

Fly Killer Units


Sticky Board Units – for use in food factories and food preparation areas that physically catch the insects on a sticky pad to prevent there being any bits or debris that could possibly get blown out of the tray and contaminate anything. 

Killing Grid Units – these provide a killing grid and only require maintenance in the form of an annual tube change and emptying of the catch tray and cleaning of the killing grid.

 Glue Board – the maintenance on these machines requires a change in the glue board and the annual changing of the attractant tube.


Each of the above machines has its own merits for certain situations and we can happily come to site and advise you what machine would best suit you.  This might be in the form of a stainless steel splash proof machine for a very harsh environment or a delicate front of house sticky board machine that is both attractive and discreet as well as effective at catching flies.

Fly Screens

Assured Environmental Services can supply and fit a fly screen to almost any window or door you can mention.  There are various different screening systems available for doors these are:

Aluminium change screens:

These are great for allowing a large amount of air through them but prevent larger flies getting through.  They are not recommended for areas where small flies are gaining access to a property.

Conventional screen:

These can be fit to any door and/or window.  The best approach to these as with all fly screens is a site visit and a few questions to the customer as to which type of fly they are affected by the most

Fruit Flies

We are often contacted regarding Fruit Flies. These usually occur through a suitable breeding area being provided for them either by a partially blocked drain or a dripping pipe underneath the kitchen cupboard.  

The quickest route to clear these flies is by removing the habitat they are breeding in.