Even in small numbers rabbits can provide significant damage to crops especially cereals. This can equate to a loss of acreage to be harvested and can therefore quite easily be calculated on the cost of damage that they have caused. Assured Environmental Services use a variety of control measures for rabbits but more often than not, the most effective is the use of Aluminium phosphide gas in the rabbit burrows.

Other methods which can be integrated with this control are box or drop traps, night shooting and control of surface living rabbits with a trained dog and shotgun. In highly sensitive areas, organically farmed areas or areas where public access is widespread, we use ferrets and nets. Despite this seeming a very old fashioned approach it is surprising how many situations are best suited to this.

Staff at Assured Environmental Services are used to working in rural and rugged environments.

We have the necessary equipment in the form of 4 wheel drive pick-ups and quad bikes to get the work force to an area quickly to engage in their duties for the day. If you require any quotations for rabbit control, we offer a free site survey and advice. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.