Selective bracken control with a hand held applicator is crucial to some areas of upland management, especially if the area is a SSSI and is renowned for its rare flora that is being overshadowed by the growth of bracken. In many areas due to the sensitive nature, spraying with helicopters or tractor mounted boom sprayer is not permitted and the only permissible method left is using a hand held applicator.

Assured Environmental Services have lengthy experience of working in wild and rugged places where bracken grows and is required to be controlled.  We have developed our equipment over the years to gain access to pretty much any area to control bracken.  We also have at our disposal quad bikes, trailers, bowsers and 4 wheel drive pick-ups to assist us in getting as close to the site as possible prior to commencing work.

The key to any bracken control programme is a good site survey prior to carrying out work, to designate the best points of access, sources of water for the spray treatment and communication with landowners and farmers.  A bracken control programme may span over many years to enable to keep bracken at bay while other more useful or sensitive plants take hold where bracken once grew.

Please contact us if you would like us to carry out a free of charge survey and provide you with a price for bracken control.