Spot Spraying


Many farms involved with stewardship schemes or where a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) is present on the land due to the flora present, find they have to carry out spot spraying of weeds that can shadow the growth of more sensitive species.  More often than not weeds that need to be treated are nettles, thistles and docks and due to the management plan in place on the land this will have to be carried out by hand with a knapsack, spot spraying only the areas where the weeds prevail.  This limits the damage to the plants and flowers that they are trying to protect.

Assured Environmental Services are used to carrying this work out for a variety of different land owners and managers.  Our staff are NPTC trained to both PA1 and PA6 level to carry out this work.  Often it is usually worth investigating which plant species they are trying to promote in an area as some selective weed killers are less detrimental to some species.

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