We can carry out bird control work at Assured Environmental Services.  The main methods of controlling numbers without proofing are:

Trapping; this where we set and feed a trap to attract pigeons into it and when they are comfortable with that setting we can catch them and remove them from a site.  The cage trap is built to our own design and we can quite quickly remove large populations of pigeons using this.

Audio Scaring; there are a number of different devices that can either make a loud bang or play the distress call of a certain bird.  Both of which can be useful in deterring birds from frequenting certain areas.

Culling; in some places where sites are way too large to proof and the audio is another approach that doesn’t work.  Sometimes the only method you are left with is culling.  This is done quickly and humanely as possible usually at night.

AVI Shock

This is a relatively new method of deterring birds from landing on buildings.  We have used it on a handful of projects where other conventional methods have not been suitable or effective.

It provides a small electric shock to the bird’s feet when they land on it.  Much akin to an electric fence used for controlling cows in fields etc.  They quickly learn it is unpleasant to land in certain areas when this product is applied.  


Bird Spikes

These are very useful for medium to high pressure sites to prevent birds from roosting on building’s ledges.  They are great to use on Listed buildings as no drilling is usually required as this can damage the stone of the building.  They can be used on pigeons or gulls depending on the length of the bird spike.

They do not harm or damage the bird, they just merely make it uncomfortable for them to roost on the ledge they have chosen.  To ensure correct fittings, a good cleaning and priming of the stonework of the building is required prior to installation.

Proofing Chimneys

This is a regular task we get to stop Jackdaws nesting down people’s chimneys.  They can create both a fire hazard and obviously block the chimney so smoke or fumes can come out into the household either of which is equally undesirable.