A good pasture full of mole hills is not a good sight to any farmer.  A mole hill gathered in a silo clamp can destroy the feed value of the silage and make it unpalatable.  Soil in silo can pass on listeria to ewes that are in lamb.

Our trained team of technicians relish the challenge of mole trapping.  It is painstaking and quite intricate setting mole traps as anybody who has tried can testify.  It is usually carried out in late winter/early spring and this makes it all the more difficult to keep one’s fingers and thumbs out of the way of the trap.

We opt to use mole traps instead of Aluminium Phosphide gas to control moles as there can be no arguments to the efficiency of a mole that has been trapped.  Even though our technicians are trained in the City & Guilds qualification for the application of application of Aluminium phosphide, we choose to use trapping.  Once moles have been trapped from land some more may move in and these can be removed in the same manner.

Assured Environmental Services are especially well suited to trapping moles on large areas of land with heavy infestations as we have the quantity of traps, the transport and labour to get on with the job quickly and efficiently.